Straw is generally used as animal bedding and hay is used to provide feed all year round.

In 2000, the decision was taken to convert Burwash Manor Farm to an organic form of production.

This decision was taken for a mix of reasons: ideological (we had long become disenchanted with conventional, chemical farming), conservationist (we felt that this was the only way that we could make further real strides) and economic (we realised that the only way that a small farm could survive was to find and occupy a niche).

The main difference between an organic and a conventional farm is that the approach of organic farms is based on using natural process positively, rather than combating negative effects.

Being an organic farm, the livestock and cropping enterprises are closely interwoven; the livestock (mainly a single suckler herd of beef shorthorn cattle) graze the fertility building grass/clover part of the arable rotation whilst the crops (mainly wheat) rely on the fertility building and pest, disease and weed break provided by the cattle. One of the many advantages of being a mixed farm is that we can provide a greater variety of food sources for wildlife, and also food sources at different times of the year, as well as a variety of nesting habitats.

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